Finding your footing within multiple freelancing opportunities can be a daunting experience. The hustle of cultivating relationships with potential clients is essential to your success. You want your work to be a reflection of your values – it should speak volumes! One thing that I have found extremely useful in developing my credibility as a freelancer is the utilization of resources that are available to me. Utilizing resources yields development and can be the difference between good work and great work.

Navigating my way through the startup ecosystem was extremely intimidating at first, but I was intrigued by the community and what it had to offer. Self-motivated individuals and innovative rainmakers are the prototypes for digital MVP’s. I knew I wanted to be in that position, but the real challenge was how I was going to go about it. Finding my groove was much harder than I originally anticipated. I shared my concerns with some heavy hitters in the marketing and startup realm and found a common denominator – resources. Through applications and numerous publications I began to research my interest and educate myself long after work days were completed. Developing reading lists and compiling links to articles fueled my passion to learn more about digital marketing. I continue to read articles every morning and reflect on the information and advice to launch my career. I find my reading list growing rapidly as I am trying to document important blog posts that will propel me to become a digital MVP. By having that goal in mind and continuing to write daily, I feel confident in my abilities to contribute my work regardless of the industry. Make it a habit to discuss what you are learning as you develop within your career. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to experienced individuals who have been in the same position as yourself. Had I not asked questions and reached out to contacts, who knows where I would be today?

One of my favorite sites for freelance career advice is Media Bistro. I read the Rookie Guide to Freelance Writing and built upon the advice. Now, I am establishing a platform showcasing my previous work and continue to network within the industry!

Challenge: Read at least 2 articles per day pertaining to your career. Apply what you have learned to a personal project and monitor the results weekly. Once you have reviewed those results, reflect on how it has made you efficient in your work. Millennials have an abundance of opportunities and resources available to them! Why not take advantage of what is out there?!

Jennifer Pearson